The Brotherhood of the Savior

The Brotherhood of the Savior is the formal name for the group calling itself, much to their DM’s chagrin, the A.U.T.O.-B.O.T.S. (Authorized Unit for Tactical Operations – Brotherhood Of The Savior).

It is made up primarily of 5 human men, each of whom has dedicated their lives to the service of Heironeous, God of Valor. Their current base of operations is a small chapel located in the great and fabulous city of Ecks.

It’s founding members are as follows.

  • Angelus Lux – Paladin and de facto leader of the party. Boisterous, jolly, and loud.
  • Luke Ashworth – Warmage extraordinaire and Jack of All Trades.
  • Tristan Lux – Scout of the highest skill. Possibly reformed criminal.
  • Alamos the Proud – Chivalric Knight. Recklessness given form.
  • Cinderion – Cleric. Level-headed and strong.

The Brotherhood of the Savior

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