Brotherhood of the Savior

Donovan Burton Is Ours

The Guild of Historians has hired us to retrieve the Sword of Martin. An opposing group is attempting to take the sword from its resting point. We did some investigating around the city which lead us to an abandoned building. After a bit of sneaking around, we reached the top of the building where we were attacked by a group of children. Burton got away by running to the other building and fleeing.

After the first confrontation we found out that he owed lots of people some money. Our investigation led us to his magic store. After entering the building after using a key hidden in the back yard. We found a piece of a map that showed us where the Sword was hidden. We gave chase.

The pursuit led us to a ruined temple. He had beaten us there. After shooing their horses we decided to go check the temple out. Inside the temple was an obsidian statue of Martin. Behind it were two doors. After checking for traps we decided to enter. Beyond the door was a giant antechamber and we slowly filed in, seven doors. After opening the doors and searching through them. In the first room, Alemos decided to poke at a shadow, causing it to lunge out at him, combat ensued.

After we destroyed the shadow monsters we discovered a hidden passage behind a statue. We began our descent. The hallway led to another room, with heavy doors at the other end of the room. Donovan was arguing with his partners when we arrived. I detected evil on Donovan’s assistants, we gave them a chance to throw down their weapons, but they declined. During the combat, Donovan disappeared. After defeating his two compatriots I put him in manacles and healed him for interrogation later.

We then set to work on the vault door. Luke used a knock spell on the door, causing it to open. A giant fist came from the ceiling and slammed into the ground. Donovan was inside the vault, working on stealing the Sword of Martin. We subdued him and then I took the sword from the statue and we took Donovan and the evil one.

Donovan was turned into the town guard for his crimes. The evil one was taken back to Home One for further questioning. Another job well done by the A.U.T.O.-B.O.T.S.



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